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Welcome to the page of Odyssey, a multi-platform programming group. We won't say that we'll make the best MZX/ZZT/RPGToolkit games, 3D Movie Maker movies, first person games, or music as most other companies, you can judge our games, movies, and music for yourselves. We look forward to presenting out games, movies, and music for you soon, and we hope that you do too. If you have been reading this message since the page loaded, a homeless person has been sleeping on your front door. Please check the person for a pulse in case you have to sweep a dead body with a broom. Thank you.

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September 18 2001 - Posted by Ryohei

Good news for those who are pissed off because Cartoon Network (US) pulled Mobile Suit Gundam off the air. Obviously it was because MS Gundam "depicts the atrocities of war." With today's current events, they felt the show was inappropiate at the moment. They will put MS Gundam back, but not right now.

September 15 2001 - Posted by Ryohei

Diamond, the guy who runs
Sapphirewired, needs some money to run server. He'll need about $20 a month to keep the server up. Please donate some money (or go to this site) or I might need to move the site again. It is such a painfully slow process.

September 14 2001 - Posted by Ryohei

Someone told me that the flights and date numbers were planned, so don't e-mail me that it was just a coincidence. I found that out later. :|

Gamecube was released in Japan yesterday. Excuse me, but I'm going off to reserve mine...

September 12 2001 - Posted by Ryohei

Yesterday (9/11), the United States of America was hit with a surprise aerial attack from terrorist who have been targeting American facilities, people, and all of its other properties. Four hijacked commercial planes were used to spread their terror. Fortunately, only three made their mark. As a result of this bastardish attack, New York City's tallest buildings and some of the surrounding buildings are now reduced to rubble and we are left with a damaged Pentagon. This was the most cowardly act ever done on the history of the planet.

The well orchestrated attacked used frightening symbolism to spread even more terror. The day in which the attack happened was Sept. 11, or 9/11. "911" are the numbers you would dial in the US when you have an emergency. Each of the flight numbers, if all of the numbers are added except for flight #11, would give you the day the attack happened, the day after that, and the day after that, and so on (9/11, 9/12, 9/13, 9/14.) Also, the planes used in the terrorist attack were from the companies "American" and "United." I don't need to explain much about that.

Videos taken from Palestine were very disturbing indeed. There is nothing more low than to celebrate the death of thousands and thousands of innocent victims and the distruction of the most powerful financial center in the world. Attacks on such financial centers CAN have a global effect on the economy.

As a resident of the U.S., I felt insulted by the chaos and destruction from yesterday. I hope this is the beginning of the end of Osama Bin Laden's group.

September 08 2001 - Posted by Ryohei

I added the rest of the Telecrisis files. They should be up now. I also added some links in the Links page.

Ouch... Looks like Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 isn't doing very well in Cartoon Network (US) due to the vast amount of idiots who prefer visuals and sound over story. As of right now, it is CN worst show. Its ratings have been dropping lately since August.

Starting Monday, Toonami will have a variety of anime on its line up. Here is a TV log for next week:

Mobile Suit Gundam 5PM
Dragon Ball 5:30 PM
Dragon Ball Z 6PM

Midnight Run
Dragon Ball Z
Outlaw Star

Yes... that's quite "diverse", don't you think? :P
Gene (OS) and Amuro (MSG), hang in there! :|

September 02 2001 - Posted by Ryohei

Although Telecrisis has been completed, I have yet to have the time to upload all of its files. With school starting for me, I'll probably get it done by Friday. For now, you can only download the main zip file and its sound effects.

In case no one has noticed yet, I added a guestbook. Now I'll find out who visits this web site. Hee hee hee...

Odyssey 2001