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Trying to leave our website?! Just to let you know, none of these links work so there is no use in clicking them! :D Do you want your link added here or do you want me to give your web site a better description? Click here.



This is Aeon17's page. It has more info on his games. He is a member of Spectre and he is the owner and founder of it.

Big Bubba

One of our former members has his own web site. It has a info on his own games.


The web site of the vice president of Odyssey. It has more info on the Bocco Chronicles. Yes, it IS his domain name.


A community page run by JoshW. Currently the Megazeux comminity's choice web site. Every section of the site is currently growing and it is run by an excellent staff. The message boards are protected from attacks. Worth a visit.

Emalkay Project

This site has all of Emalkay's games that he made and it's frequently updated with news. The page has a nice page layout. You might want to check it out for yourself.


Gemini's web site is filled up with almost every C++, BASIC, and MegaZeux game he's ever made, some of them half decent too. Also a selection of digital/MIDI music and info on some of the strangest video game oddities he's ever seen.


Currently down. Last updated in December 2000.


This site is still in the process of moving to another server. It has the biggest game archive in the MZX community. Position for new staff is currently open.


Padogle's web site. It has info on his games. His games will soon be found in the projects page.


A collection of downloads, reviews, and comics collide together and form... Pad's Page! It's good stuff.

Wild Weasel

WildWeasel's personal home page, which contains the development page for TeleCrisis. Also, some comics, the SMZX Mode Theory, among other things. Check it out, and maybe even try out the TeleCrisis demo while you're at it!


A growing community page by ZzCrook. It recently hosted the 2001 Megazeux Achievement Awards. Looks very promising.

Megazeux Companies/Groups

Entertainment Syndicate (Game Syndicate)

This programming group focuses on film and games. Hmm.. Just like us! :) It has info on their games and films. It may be down right now.

Lemon Mega Games

A page for a somewhat new MZX programming group. Has some screenshots, funny comics, and WildWeasel. (Has to be good, right?)


A Megazeux company that came out at the same time as Odyssey. They are working on some great games like Weirdland for example. It is run by Daimaou (Sei Mamoruno/Burandonu). Dai has other web sites called
Area 31 and Mzxlatest and he hosts web sites at Sapphirewired.com. Visit them and... come back here ok? :)


Another MZX gaming group. This is currently owned by Aeon17 and it has info on their games.

Digital Music


This web site has a huge library of modules. If you are looking for a mod for you game, this is the place.

3d Movie Maker

3d Movie Maker Central

Hasn't been updated for a while, but it is one of the biggest movie archives out there.

3dmm UK

The best 3d Movie Maker web site out there. It has a lot of movies to download, and most of them have been rated. Visit it today.

Top 20 3d Movie Maker Web Sites

A list of the 20 best 3d Movie Maker web sites. I'm not sure if it still running.


Billy's Comics

You ask how this is related to megazeux... it isn't... but since I, Big BuBBa, make comics for the site, this IS related to Odyssey (sort of.) Ahh hell, just goto Billy's Comics!

Div Games

A new GCS. This is their web site. The programming language is easy for anyone who is familiar with C++.

Gohan's Page

A friend of mine's web site. Although it is still under construction, you can visit his page. It has info on the popular anime called Dragon Ball Z.

Gundam Official

Ryohei's favorite animè. This is its official web site.

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