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Name - the name of the work being reviewed.

Content Rating - The rating given by a content ratings board. The ratings given by these people reflect the number of offensive images.

Platform - the format the work was released under.

Reviewer - the person who did the review.

Rating - if it sucked or was the best thing the reviewer ever seen, it may range from one star to five.

A highlighted name means that the person is a member.

We the people of Odyssey review games, anime, and movies. You can see what we wrote in these reviews. Some were submitted by non-members. The reviews of these people does not express the opinion of Odyssey, just the reviewer. Just because Ryohei has reviewed only R-rated anime (so far) does not mean he is into hentai.

Name Platform Content Rating Reviewer Rating
Armada Dreamcast Everyone Aeon17
Black and White PC Teen ZergMind
Bomberman MAX Red/Blue Game Boy Color Everyone Padogle
Ehrgeiz PlayStation Teen WildWeasel
Lode Runner 3d Nintendo 64 Everyone Sir Fawnpug
Monster Rancher Battle Card Game Boy Color Everyone Padogle
Pokemon Gold/Silver Game Boy Color Everyone Gemini
Tenchu PlayStation Mature Padogle
Tenchu 2 PlayStation Mature Padogle
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Game Boy Color Everyone Padogle
Typing of the Dead Dreamcast Mature WildWeasel

Name Content Rating Reviewer Rating
Ghost in the Shell R - Nudity, explicit language, and violence. Sir FawnPug
Gundam X Ep 01 Unknown Ryohei
Perfect Blue R - Restricted - Intense violence, nudity, adult situations, strong profanity Ryohei
Thunder Cats TV Y7 - Fantasy Violence Sir FawnPug
X R - Restricted - Intense violence, nudity Ryohei

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