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Name - the name of the file.

Author - the person or people who made the file.

Platform - the format the file is in.

File size - You need help if you don't know what this is. :)

This is the download page of Odyssey. It contains stuff that we (with the exception of a few) made recently.

Name Author Platform File size
Games / Engines / Utilities / WinAmp Skins
Airship Engine Noboyuki Megazeux 142kb
Armageddon Sword Engine Gemini Megazeux 181kb
ASCII RoboWarz 3D Demo Release 2 (April 16) Gemini Megazeux 1MB
Battlesuits Demo Gemini Megazeux 1.4MB
Bocco Chronicles Chapter 1 Bocco Megazeux 795kb
Gemini's Stockpile of MZX Stuff Gemini Megazeux 3.6MB
Lost Summons of FFDP Ryohei Megazeux 59k
Megazeux AMP Fawnpug Winamp 28k
MZX Fader NovaX Megazeux 38k
Rock Paper Scissors Fawnpug Megazeux 5kb
Screen Thief (DOS) Jim Hoggarth DOS 76k
"Sound" Demo Ryohei Megazeux 1.2MB
Town of ZZT (Tim Sweeney) - MZX Port Gemini/Tim Sweeney Megazeux 45kb
Treasure Hunt IV Demo Gemini Megazeux 291kb
Wait 1 Theory (Proven) Gemini Megazeux 34kb
3d Movie Maker
Senseless Violence Ryohei 3d Movie Maker 1.2MB
Sound Effects - Extracted by Ryohei
B - C (Balloon Blast to Cricket Chirp) - 69 Sound effects Various SAM 1MB
D - G (Door Big Latch to Gong) - 45 Sound effects Various SAM 717kb
H - N (Hit 1 to Newspaper Turn) - 36 Sound effects Various SAM 614kb
O - Q (Object Bounce to Quake Tree Fall) - 35 Sound effects Various SAM 467kb
Instruments for MODs Various - Ripped by Ryohei XI - Fast Tracker format 1.8MB
Fawnpug's Compositions Sir Fawnpug MIDI 7kb
Final Fantasy GDM Package Volume 1 - Converted by Noboyuki Nobuo Uematsu GDM (For MZX) 950kb

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