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We wrote these and you didn't! :P Well anyway, feel free to read what some of Odyssey's members wrote. Some of them may be offending. You've been warned!


The Armageddon Experiment
A story written by ZergMind. It's actually quite LONG (18 pages). You've been warned. Also, you need an Adobe Acrobat Viewer for it.

The Megazeux war is coming: the Parody
Many people received an e-mail during the summer of 2000 telling them to join a coalition that would once and for all remove Megazeux's "(in)famous" people. It's been edited for content, but it's still funny.

Rejected Forms: The horror of what people submit just to join us.
"HELOL!!11 I M A EXPERT MEGAZOOXER!!11 I LASO MAK ENGINE!!Z!! IM IN DA BOMB PRODCUTNS RIGHT NOW, N I CN FX YOR GAMS!LOL" - Mz_Weird's joke form (Obviously, he didn't want to join.) It's forms like these that will keep you from ever joining Odyssey. More will be added as soon as more weird people try to join.

Theories of Pokemon
Straight from Gemini's mind. If Pokemon was real life, this is how everything would work. It's very long, just to let you know.


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